We are a creative studio of multi-disciplinary creatives that specialises in the thinking, creation and delivery of culture-driven projects.


Who we are
O.G Studios is a multidisciplinary design practice working in London but acting internationally. The studio was born in London out of the intersection between graphic design, music and architecture.
An output for creativity and experimentation, the project has evolved into a design studio, a publisher and a laboratory for creative experimentation.

What we do
O.G Studios provides graphic design, art direction, branding, web, editorial and environmental design for institutions, businesses and individuals. The studio concentrates on creating intelligent design based on research, practice and collaboration.

O.G Studios aims to clarify and create relevant solutions based on aesthetics and functionality, helping clients with their projects through strategic and creative thinking. The studio has a small and independent structure, but through time, it has built a community of creative minds such as designers, architects, writers and photographers that are constantly joining the team. At the moment, we are not accepting applications for internship.

In addition to the studio, O.G works as a multi-format space for design research and co-creative activities. We believe that the balance between commissioned projects and authorial production is crucial to any creative career. Therefore, we want to continue to provide commissioned visual services, but we also want to solidify a place where we can explore new possibilities through trial and error.


If you are interested in our services please do get in touch.



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